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Fire Fly Cinema Fire Post Studio 6.1.26 MACOSX

Release: Fire.Fly.Cinema.Fire.Post.Studio.v6.1.26.MACOSX-AMPED

Fire Fly Cinema Fire Post Studio 6.1.26 MACOSX

Powerful primary and secondary color grading and rendering for post production suites
and digital cinema laboratories.

For more complex color management environments, don’t resort to the color tools
included in your non-linear editing software.

And don’t accept color tools that don’t support collaborative workflows.

FirePost offers everything you need to conform, grade and deliver in multiple formats
ahead of schedule.

FirePost supports all kinds of RAW formats up to 4K including Arri ARRIRAW, REDCODE,
RED Epic, Apple ProRes, DPX, OpenEXR and many, many more.

Avoid the time delay and fidelity loss of transcoding.

You can even combine different camera formats, color spaces, and pixel ratios
in the same timeline.

Apply unlimited primary and secondary color grading processes to get the look you crave.

Use Chroma or Luma key processes, geometric shape selections, external masks
or combinations of all of them.

Add advanced effects like blur, denoise, optical filters, or film grain.

Stack up unlimited secondary processes and A/B the effect of each to find the perfect result.

Original Scene Release Read NFO.



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